Here is what our visitors and volunteers had to say about us:

After spending a few years out of work, caring for a parent, I needed something to boost my confidence and prepare me for working again – so I signed up to volunteer when the library reopened.  At first I was very nervous and overwhelmed, being in a big team, but it wasn’t long before we were working together on big projects and achieving more than we expected! Everything from promoting our events, reorganising the stock, troubleshooting computer problems or doing admin has taught me a lot about my own abilities.  Being in such a nurturing atmosphere and being a bigger part of the community has really helped my anxiety. I’ve gained an incredible amount of confidence – not just in my professional skills but in my social life too. Peter, Julia and the ACCLAHC leaders have such a positive and caring attitude and I have massively benefitted from being part of their team – I’ve even started applying for jobs again!

Alice – volunteer

I very much enjoy my role as a volunteer at the Corbett Arts and Heritage Library.  It is a rewarding role in an inspiring and welcoming community environment. During my time as a volunteer I am continually struck by the dedication and enthusiasm of all of those who give their time so generously to this library, the volunteer librarians as well as the talented individuals who run the great range of activities throughout the week with something to suit everyone in this great community, young and old.  I have lived in this area for a number of years but never before have I met and talked to so many local people, neighbours. The Library has a fantastic spirit. This lovely old building is brought alive by the people who pass through its doors. People in this community use this valuable resource, they truly care about their Library, about their local community and about each other. It is a heartening and humbling privilege to be part of such a fantastic service.  It gives me a feeling of inclusion, of self value to come here and interact with people. I love that this hub of the community attracts all the different types of people that make up the local area, people of so many cultures, ages, walks of life. The experience is enriching and a joy and I will continue to learn more about the people who live around me, enjoy the books and increase my experience of accessing different authors as well as learning about the history of the local area.

Maria – volunteer

Working here the Archibald Corbett Community library, Arts and Heritage Centre has helped me with so many things.  I’ve gained a lot of confidence working here as everybody is so friendly and welcoming. I’ve definitely improved on my IT skills, checking in and out books and helping people print their work out.  I’ve also improved on my mathematical skills, working out the till taking in and out money. My first day here I was quite shy as I’m not really an outgoing person when it comes to communicating with people I’ve never met before but the staff here made me feel welcome and I know how to communicate with others more.

Nicole Okpere – work experience volunteer

I’ve been volunteering at the Corbett Community Library since the beginning.  I run the Baby Bounce class on Fridays at 10am & 11am for children and babies.  I absolutely love helping at the Library as well as giving something back to the community i live in; being a volunteer has given me lots of new skills, improved self confidence, friends and pride in my fabulous community!  We’re very lucky to have such a dedicated team of volunteers at the library the vast amount of activities on offer is fantastic due to all of their hard work.

Jo Hitchin – volunteer

The Library Helps me keep my sanity!  With two small children, the activities at the Library are brilliant and the variety of books means lots of interesting reading.  I love the Library!

Angie Thompson

I like the Library because everyone is cool and nice!  They say hello and goodbye! They do lots of making stuff.  They give me colouring! The rabbit! I like everyone! They help me!  I like reading books and taking them home! Thank you Library! Have fun!  The end!

Rahat – aged 8

I think the Library is wonderful, so many activities, and very helpful staff, nothing is too much trouble for them, i have made friends and met people I would never have met.

Library user

I think the Library is wonderful and well needed there are so many activities going on I’m in a few the Reminiscence (x2) and writer’s group and before they moved the Inspired Word plus the Singalong with my grandchildren.  I – am 62 years of age and instead of being like a vegetable at home growing old it’s keeping me nice and young and my mind active. And meeting lots of new and wonderful people. I thank God every day. X

Library user

So many interesting things for adults and children to do, joining one of them I have made new friends and enjoyed the companionship.  I have since joined another, and now volunteer to run a session of one hour after school for primarily children but have found adults joining in.

Library user

I have been coming to this Library for 74 years, and have always enjoyed it.  Joining the fight to keep it open this time and the last. Today it is brilliant with so many activities and a wonderful group of volunteers.  I still borrow the books from here on a regular basis and make donations whenever I am able to. I hope to continue for many more years.