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Climate Challenge
How can we support children and young people to understand and respond to the Climate and Ecological Emergency?
The Horniman Museum has declared an ecological and climate emergency, pledging to place carbon reduction and environmental issues at the heart of its work.

As the only museum in London in which nature and culture can be viewed together, the Horniman has long been concerned with environmental issues, and the impact of human activity on our world.
From July to October 2022 Corbett Community Library will host a very precious exhibition on loan from the Horniman which show that thousands of years ago Lewisham was actually under water as a result of climate change. Animal and plant species can’t keep up with the rate at which the climate is changing and that’s helping drive species to extinction rather than having the chance to evolve if they can. Come and check out:
Volcanic – a piece of lava
Tropical swamp – fossilised plants
Ice ages – a mastodon tooth
Warm seas – fossilised sea urchin and shell (in chalk)
Deserts – a piece of sandstone
Cold/temperate seas – fossilised trilobite
Anthropocene – our impact now, represented by a face mask